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Berlin Germany Insider Sightseeing

With approximately 3,400,000 inhabitants, Berlin will be the largest City in Germany. It's 38 kilometres long and 45 kilometres wide. Consider that Berlin has many suburbs and districts. Everbody knows, the town was divided in the history. In the end you notice that there is/was East-Berlin and West-Berlin therefore it has a "City East" along with a "City West".
The Reichstag was constructed from 1884-94 by Paul Wallot, could be the seat of the German Bundestag or authorities and, with its new transparent dome, most significant crowd-draws in Berlin. Its colorful past reflects the turbulence of German history considering that the 1800s. From 1994-99, the Reichstag was reconstructed and extended from the Architect Sir Norman Forster. He thought we would add an accessible transparent dome, in which you can walk through and "participate" and examine how political decisions are made. One says, "We (the federal government) want to show we have nothing to hide".

Here is the most legendary street in the whole city. It combines the architecture in the New Berlin together with the tradition of the "Golden Twenties". From the Twenties, the 3.5 km long street was the location for pleasure palaces, cafes, theatres and variety theatres including the famous "Wintergarten". Following the division in the city, the Wall also cut through this street. The planet famous Checkpoint Charlie was located at the border of the districts of Kreuzberg and Mitte and so at the border of East and West Berlin. Not only visitors but the employees from the new, chic offices, agencies and media centres all enjoy the urban spirit and New York flair in the new Friedrichstrasse.
From 1961 to 1990, Checkpoint Charlie was the only border crossing point for your Allies, foreigners, employees from the Permanent Representation, and officials in the GDR. And it was the place where Soviet and American tanks stood in the flesh. Today, the checkpoint is commemorated by a border sign plus a soldier's post.
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